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About Slimshot

Slimshot is the definitive weapon to combat fats all day long. Slimshot respects your body's biological clock and the 3 set times that regulate the slimming chronobiology.
Silver Slimming have extended their knowledge of the chronoslimming process to formulate Slimshot, the most complete and effective product to prevent the storage of fats and to eliminate and burn fat around the clock

Slimshot Morning
Slimshot Morning
The combined action of mate, green coffee, green tea and olive wood helps to reduce surplus fat by increasing the bodies energy expenditure, thus favouring real slimming. Cherry-stalk, orthosyphon and wild-pansy extracts facilitate the draining and elimination of toxins. The combination of ash wood and meadow-sweet helps reduce cellulite. Finally, Slim Shot Morning with citrus fruits flavouring helps to maintain the bodies strength during the slimming process with a combination of cola and 10 vitamins.

Slimshot Noon
The combination of citrus pectins, apple pectins and guar gum effectively moderates the appetite, thus helping to restrict the absorption of sugars and fats. Cider vinegar helps to restrict fat storage.

"My friend recommended slimshot to me as I had been struggling to lose any weight with other slimming products. After 2 weeks I couldn't believe the results, I had lost more weight in those two weeks than I had thought was possible. I will now recommend Slimshot to all of my friends."

Jean, Glasgow

Slimshot Night
The combined action of chromium, which helps to moderate the appetite, and papaya helps to restrict fat storage. The combination of cacao and orange peel stimulates thermogenesis which helps to burn body fat.

"I am 31 years of age and have struggled with so called dieting for a long time. I am now taking the slim shot drinks, they are brill they do everything they say the will. I have lost 4lb in a week, I have just ordered some more I think they are brill. "


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